Day 3, Drake Passage

0900Z 10JAN21, Day 3, Drake Passage. Our speeds have improved. We have had some good sailing, but we have also started to motor again. We knew that the winds would die for this last part of the Drake so it is expected. Now we will try to avoid getting too much wind on the nose.

Current Position: 60 40S / 063 07W
24 hour progress: 122nm, 5.1kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 353nm, approximately 135nm to Boyd Strait. After the strait there is about another 50nm to Deception Island where we hope to anchor. Things are lining up for daylight in the strait through anchoring - the benefits of such long days this far south.

Saturday was another nice day with sun heating up the boat a bit as it continues to get colder outside.

The sea legs seem to have arrived. Everyone is now keeping food down and food is being eaten more heartily.

We have crossed into the southern convergence zone and have seen new types of albatrosses and marveled at some of the small storm petrels that are so far out to sea. Interestingly it seemed like more birds on day three than day two.

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