Where Are We Now?

Below you should see both our inReach and PredictWind trackers. The inReach tracker lets you see more history if you "View All Tracks" while the PredictWind tracker lets you see the current wind forecasts.


  1. love maps...
    Who navigated the winding route to the berth?
    And is it a berth?
    U may need to post a list of right and wrong terminology.

    But in any case - thanks for adding this...
    It makes me feel closer to you guys for some reason
    Luv and Hugs!

  2. This is a wonderful addition to the blog!

  3. Hi Megan, It's fun to see a recent track of your journey. You appear to be at a marina in Portugal now. Safe sailing. Mark

  4. Are you going to stay in Gibraltar and sightsee or take off again?

  5. Hey! That is outstanding! The Galapagos! Fantastic. You guys should write a book!

  6. We like both! The wind map is interesting and the satellite images are great! We also like following along on the original.....