The Crew

Jon is a retired Naval officer who will forever be learning to sail with a crew that doesn't necessarily take orders or care much about rank. Someday he may fully recover.  In the meantime, he's happily sailing again.

Megan is a systems engineer on sabbatical. As such, she has designated Jon as their vessel's Chief Engineer, and supervises all mechanical and electrical work from a comfortable seat in the sun.  Megan also spent some time in the Navy, and thanks the institution for teaching her to sail a real boat in addition to letting her play with its fighter jets and capital ships.

Ronan is the studious bookworm with a sense of humor so dry the desert seems humid (or maybe that's just climate change). Always curious and bored with what he already knows, he's enjoying boat school and always reading.

Daxton is the comedian and performer who never can pass up a stage. He's always devising new ways to test his boat school teachers and principals.

Poseidon is the real master of the boat, and the rest of the crew exists strctly for his benefit.  He's big, not always graceful, and is prone to seasickness. He's also the most tolerant cat in the world, perfectly content to be treated like a child's teddy bear, which is exactly how Daxton sees him.