Day 4, Drake Passage

0900Z 11JAN21, Day 4, Drake Passage. We had a good, but strange day. It started motoring in low winds and dense fog which had us a bit stressed (ice watch in fog - yuck!). The fog cleared but the winds stayed low. So we showered and made water, fully leaning in to our brand new world of a watermaker aboard with both Megan and Jon enjoying the nearly endless supply of engine heated water and knowing that we weren't concerned about using too much—even so, we don't really know how to take a long shower anymore but enjoyed the luxury of just a few minutes of flowing water. We spent much of the day motoring and saw fog again by dinner time. Then, just as forecast, the wind picked up. We sailed well, but reduced sail to keep our speeds reasonable so that we weren't going too fast in case we did find ice (which we did not). We got about six hours of sailing in and then were back to the engine arriving just outside the Boyd Strait to close out day 4.

Current Position: 62 39S / 062 07W
24 hour progress: 125nm, 5.2kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is about 478nm, approximately 60nm to Deception Island. Current ETA is around dinner time.

Sunday was mostly gray and going outside meant being well bundled up. We saw some dolphins and quite a few birds - Cape Petrels, Storm Petrels, Gray-headed Albatrosses, Black-browed Albatrosses and Wandering Albatrosses.

Excitement is up aboard Zephyros as we can see the South Shetland Islands and we are arriving at the Antarctica Peninsula!

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