Day 2, Drake Passage

0900Z 09JAN21, Day 2, Drake Passage. We had good, but slow sailing throughout our second day. Overnight we got set up wing on wing and made some better time, but all in all we are moving more slowly than we had hoped. Our boat bottom is dirtier than we would like and we are rather heavy with provisions and extra fuel. We are definitely feeling like we should have started this crossing on Wednesday evening, but what's done is done. We can't change it now.

On the positive side, the Drake is being kind to us. The winds have largely been as forecast which is a bit surprising since we often find them to be under forecast or closer to the gust forecast. We basically expected to see more wind than we are which would have us sailing above 5kts, but calmer winds is *not* something we are complaining about! We would just like a bit better speed out of the wind that we have - but such are the ways and lessons of passage making.

Current Position: 58 54S / 064 51W
24 hour progress: 116nm, 4.8kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 236nm, approximately 250nm to Boyd Strait. We are almost half way across!

The weather was very nice and sunny throughout the day on Friday. The air and sea are certainly getting colder but things were pleasant enough with the sun out. We are keeping the inside of the boat warm with our door closed and standing our watches in the pilot house which warms up well in the sun.

We are all doing fine and trying to find our rhythms. Bread has been popular throughout the day but there wasn't a lot of eating for anyone. Dinner was pizza which seemed to be popular even though it was picked at rather than how it is normally devoured. Nausea continues for everyone but Megan.

We are still seeing the occasional giant petrel and albatross, but they are down to solitary gliders now.

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