Day 1, Passage to Mainland Ecuador

1200Z 06JUN19, Day 1, Galápagos to La Libertad, Ecuador. We departed from San Cristobal at 0600 local time on 05JUN19. We had checked out in the late afternoon the day before and enjoyed a last night's sleep at anchor before getting underway at first light.

This passage will only be about 550nm, which is not be a very long mileage passage compared to our recent passages. However, we don't expect it to be especially fast. The weather is calling for light winds and we know there will be some current against us. This suits us fine, as we can't check in over the weekend to La Libertad anyway.

We motor sailed away from the Galápagos with winds that were largely less than 5 kts. Around 7 hours after departure, we secured the motor and started sailing on a close reach in 10-15 kts of wind and calm seas. We have had a 1-2 kts current on our nose, but it is just slowing us down and we expected it. It is better than having it push us off course like it was doing to get to the Galápagos.

Current Position: 01 03S 088 11W
24 hour progress: 94nm, 3.9kts avg SOG with 7hrs motor sailing, approximately 445nm to go on the great circle route. The weather was nice yesterday morning and then became overcast, but it cleared a bit for a beautiful sunset over San Cristobal. We made a nice direct course until overnight when the wind shifted a bit more SSE. We are now close hauled, sailing about 20-30 degrees north of our desired course, with one reef in and 20kts of true wind.

The crew is well and we're settling into our routines. Before we turned off the engine, we enjoyed a visit from three playful dolphins who entertained themselves around our bow. In the late afternoon, we put the fishing line in, after leaving the Galápagos marine reserve. We immediately caught a small yellow fin tuna! It was a new record for our quickest catch - the line was not yet fully out or secured. We enjoyed a sushi dinner and are glad that our limited fresh food from the Galápagos got a boost from a fresh fish. The cats, however, still refuse to eat fresh fish for reasons unknown—perhaps they only like salmon. Last night, there were boobies flying about the boat, but no landings.

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