Day 10, Galápagos Arrival!

1200Z 25MAY19, Day 10, Panama to Galapagos. Arrived in Galapagos just before sunrise!

We crossed the equator and the filthy, slimy pollywogs successfully came through the ceremony and were permitted entry into the Southern Realm! We actually crossed the equator 3 times. We sailed across it, took down the sails for the ceremony, drifted back north with the current and then sailed across it again!

This passage was not physically difficult but was a challenge for a number of reasons. We were sailing into the wind all but a very few hours - which is a tough point of sail for us and not especially fast either. We used our engine more than we would have liked. The currents pushed us around and denied us our desired progress. In the end it was another passage that taught new lessons of our capabilities, challenges and tried our patience at times. We knew we were unlikely to have a quick passage, but we are (or at least I am) always optimistic that we can do better than the predictions. 

Current Position: 00 54S 089 37W
Progress over final 18 hours: 82nm, 4.6kts avg SOG, with 7.5 hours motoring

Passage statistics:
1,121 nautical miles
9 days, 18 hours
4.8 knots average speed over ground
70 hours of engine time
240 liters of fuel consumed (approximately)
200 liters of water consumed (approximately, topped up tanks 2x with rain water on days 3&4, free rain water not in calculation)
1 swim for everyone in the Pacific at the Equator
1 Day with a small area where we saw multiple dolphins and whales
3 Nights of red-footed booby hitch-hikers
0 Fish landed (1 small one hooked, but lost)
1 Cribbage game played
1 Thing broken - a salt water foot pump is leaking
1 Issue still being trouble-shot - batteries not being charged by engine alternator 

Post was delayed for check in procedures, crew rest, lack of good internet and some Galapagos exploring as we only have a short one week stop to cram it all in!

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