Day 2, Passage to Mainland Ecuador

1200Z 07JUN19, Day 2, Galápagos to La Libertad, Ecuador. Our progress remains steady. Yesterday during the day the winds were up, we had a reef in the main and the course was a bit north of desired. We were off our direct route for about 24 hours, but the winds have swung to a more favorable direction again overnight and we are back to a better course.

Current Position: 00 50S 086 30W
24 hour progress: 106nm, 4.4kts avg SOG, approximately 345nm to go on the great circle route. The weather was overcast all day yesterday. We are sailing close hauled, with a reef in the main again this morning, and with winds of about 15kts +/- 5kts and calm seas. We continue to have a 1-2 kts current on our nose.

The crew is doing fine and has settled into our routines. We did not fish yesterday as we planned to eat shrimp risotto - Megan's first pressure cooker on the boat trial. It turned out pretty well and everyone seemed to enjoy it. We haven't had any sea life sightings other than a couple of birds that hang out around the boat. Athena was interested in their noises and watched them from the cockpit for awhile during the night shift. The bioluminescence has been amazing and beautiful at night.

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