Day 3, Panama to Galapagos

1740Z 18MAY19, Day 3, Panama to Galapagos. The trip continues to be slow and a bit frustrating. We continue to need to use the engine more than we would like. We typically want to be going directly into the wind so when we can sail we are tacking back and forth and aren't making great forward progress. Occasionally the wind cooperates and we make rhumb line progress, but it has been short lived when it happens.

We had some more rain yesterday. Then no rain overnight and rain again this morning. Basically things seem to bounce between calm and motoring, very slow sailing in about 10kts of wind with tacking and 15-20kts of wind with tacking. The winds aren't aligning with the forecasts and it is difficult to know which of the random options the next hours will bring.

Current Position: 04 47N 081 09W
24 hour progress: 100nm, 4.2kts avg SOG, the last 24 hours were about 19 hours sailing and 5 hours motoring. Approximately 615nm to go on the great circle route - if only we could make direct progress.

The crew is fine and weathering the frustrations. The afternoon and evening of yesterday included heeled over sailing making baking and cooking challenging. The Creme Brûlée for Ronan's birthday didn't set right but it was still tasty. It is unclear if the issue was the passion fruit that was added to the recipe or the oven sloshing around and getting water bath water into the deserts. At any rate Ronan was appreciative and enjoyed one of his favorite meals as well as the special dessert.

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