Day 4, Panama to Galapagos

1740Z 19MAY19, Day 4, Panama to Galapagos. We seem to have finally gotten far enough south this morning to allow us to start sailing with decent speed, in the correct direction!

We continued to have scattered rain throughout yesterday afternoon. Last night was rain free and the moon kept everything well lit. Yesterday we had decent winds (20kts +/- 5kts) for a good bit of the day with it settling down to low winds (8-10kts) overnight. The wind has come back up again this morning and is so far consistently about 15-20kts.

Current Position: 03 24N 081 41W
24 hour progress: 102nm, 4.25kts avg SOG, the last 24 hours were about 23 hours sailing and 1 hour motoring. Current progress for the passage is 438nm with approximately 540nm to go on the great circle route.

The crew is doing fine. Yesterday was a bit rolly as the rain and the associated winds made the seas a bit sloppy. As the seas had everyone feeling a bit off with nobody especially hungry, dinner became a thrown together meal of leftovers. Today we are all feeling better and excited to be moving well and moving in the correct direction!!! We are hopeful this will continue.

Fishing thus far has been unproductive. We continue to see terns and boobies. Yesterday, we had what looked like small pink-bellied dolphins swimming near us and showing off their acrobatic skills.

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