Day 2, Panama to Galapagos

1740Z 17MAY19, Day 2, Panama to Galapagos. We ended up with some decent wind for awhile yesterday and made good progress under sail. During the night the wind went back to the forecasted 5-10kts and our progress slowed but we were still sailing.

By the early morning hours we started to see some rain cells and the wind was very light and shifty, and became difficult to sail. So the engine has been back on since before sun rise. We have tried to sail a bit here or there but so far have to keep turning on the engine.

Current Position: 05 31N 080 29W
24 hour progress: 117nm, 4.9kts avg SOG, the last 24 hours were about 14 hours sailing and 10 motoring. Approximately 670nm to go on the great circle route. The weather has been overcast and we had quite a bit of rain for a few hours.

The crew is all doing well. It is Ronan's 12th birthday today! So there were blueberry muffins for breakfast and smoothies for lunch. Creme brûlée has been requested instead of cake so that is the next project. The first book on tape is just about to finish. Things are slow, wet and steady.

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