Day 2, Gibraltar to the Canaries

0730Z 29NOV18, Day 2, Gibraltar-Canary Islands. It has been a relatively slow but beautiful day. There has been a good deal of motoring / motor sailing. The winds were below 5kts throughout the day, which was forecasted and not a surprise. The seas have been calm with just a low, long Atlantic swell that has been very comfortable. Overnight we were able to sail from about 2200-0145 and then again from 0445 where the winds were over 5kts. We have been pleasantly surprised that Zephyros is sailing well making 3-4+ kts in 6-8 kts of wind! Generally she needs more wind to move so that shows just how calm the water currently is that we can sail (close hauled) in such light winds. The winds are forecasted to start filling in, in the next day or so, so we are hopeful that day 3 will include more sailing and less motoring/motor sailing. 

48 hour progress: 214.7 nm, 4.5kts avg SOG 

Fish on! The big news and excitement was that we caught our first fish underway!!! A nice sized tuna caught, ironically, right after we had just finished lunch - but we had a second lunch of tuna poke over rice anyway. The whole crew (except for the naïve cats!) was super excited and it filled up an hour or so of our otherwise uneventful day. The cats didn't touch their sushi - spoiled little buggers don't know what they are missing, but more for us then. There was also a nice fish dinner - broccoli, quinoa and seared tuna steaks - yum! And that was the end of our first tuna, it has been decided that we need a bit bigger fish next time, so fingers crossed and perhaps we will put the line back in soon. We were happy our first one was a manageable size, easy to store in the refrigerator and fed us 1.5 meals. 

We continue to be in good spirits and are well rested. The boys did school work and watches as well as dishes. We've listened to music together and played games.

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