Day 1, Gibraltar to Canary Islands

0730Z 28NOV18, Day 1, Gibraltar-Canary Islands. We departed Gibraltar 24 hours ago. Everything has been well. We motored through Gibraltar bay and then set sails along the coast of Spain. Winds were 15kts and we sailed for a bit before being set by the current so on the motor went to ensure forward progress with the sails still assisting. We made it past Tarifa and picked up speed, turned off the engine and sailed across the strait. We had good downwind sailing without the motor for about 12 hours. We even braved night time asymmetrical sailing - only to hit 20+kts of true wind and change to the jib. We moved along well until around 0230 when the wind dropped below 5 kts and the motor has been on since. Seas have been calm with a long period 1-2 meter Atlantic swell. 

24 hour progress: 107.1nm, 4.5kts avg SOG

Crew is all in good spirits. The boys did school work yesterday and watches have been easy. It was good to get moving again and have a gentle reintroduction to everyone's sealegs. Poseidon got a bit sick right as we left (likely nerves) but is back to being himself already.

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