Day 3, Gibraltar to Canary Islands

0730Z 30NOV18, Day 3, Gibraltar-Canary Islands. Not much wind again over the past 24 hours. We were able to sail off and on through out the day. The seas are still calm and we made ok speed in low winds. We have had the motor on for 12+ hours, all through the night. The wind is forecasted to increase enough to be able to sail sometime today. There was a decent amount of boat traffic as we paralleled the Moroccan Coast, about 30nm off, for a good part of the day. There are also a few other sailboats out making the trip and we see one from time to time. Otherwise things are quiet and we are ready to sail a bit more. 

72 hour progress: 319.6 nm, 4.4 kts avg SOG, passed halfway point! About 275 nm to go. 

Dolphins! Our big excitement of the day was a pod of bottle nose dolphins that came to visit us for about 20 minutes. There were quite a few and they swam and surfaced a lot whistling and clicking to each other. At some point most of them swam on, but 2 stayed at our bow, practically rubbing against the boat for awhile. We all enjoyed the show and morale boost. Earlier in the day, we had put out the fishing line, but this time the fish won and snapped our line; so it seems that fish was too big, and we need some higher strength line on our hand reels along with some more lures. Current score for the trip is Zephyros: 1, Fish: 1. 

Everyone is well, and watches and school work continue. Daxton is taking his DJ / watch standing duties seriously.

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