Day 14, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 31DEC18, Day 14, Atlantic Crossing. Two weeks at sea! Somewhere around a week to go. The past 24 hours or so have been a mixed bag. We did a lot of work in the morning changing the sail configuration. Then immediately afterwards it looked like we should change back. We decided to take a break and give it time. In the early afternoon things remained the same and we put the asymmetric back up. This significantly increased our speed. We reefed the main twice through the course of the day to try to flatten us out. We were doing well and cruising along. However in the night we hit a rain cell with sustained winds around 25kts. The sleeping crew (Jon) was awakened and we pulled down the asymmetric in the light rain. After that things were calm the rest of the night and speeds were slow in the light winds without the asymmetric up. There have been a couple of rain cells this morning after daylight yet the winds remained fairly low and shifty. The asymmetric got hoisted again once the crew was up and after the rain cells passed. So we are back up to some decent speed.

Current Position: 15 51.7N 044 16.5W
24 hour progress: 138nm, 5.75kts avg SOG, 1993nm total progress, approximately 970nm to go.

Everyone is doing fine. A bit of stir craziness has set in along with general tiredness. Both boys have been bickering and we tried to get them to nap yesterday which didn't work, unsurprisingly. Cooking dinner was an event as there was a lot of chopping on a rolling boat and it took quite awhile. Then both boys fell asleep before dinner was on the table; however, they woke up on the early side this morning. We will try to make the day interesting as a New Year's Eve treat. There have been daily games of Monopoly and some hangman yesterday. Perhaps today will be a movie marathon and/or more games. Oh, and Jon got to disassemble and rebuild the refrigerator circulator pump again resulting in at least some success.

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  1. Well you still made progress 130NM + ain’t great - but projects to 7 days