Day 15, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 01JAN19, Day 15, Atlantic Crossing. Happy New Year! Things continue to be a mixed bag. Yesterday we had the asymmetric up and got slammed by high winds in a cell, pulled her down in the rain and then immediately it was around 10kts of wind again. Because there were more patches of rain around, we sailed with the jib and main, mostly broad reaching. By the evening, winds were still well under 10kts and we decided to motor for a bit to find the wind again. So far we are still looking and the weather reports now suggest it will be 2 days before we find it again. We really don't want to motor for 2-3 days, but we can if we need to.

Current Position: 15 50.2N 046 23.4W
24 hour progress: 125nm, 5.2kts avg SOG, 2118nm total progress, approximately 850nm to go.

Other than the slow speeds and then the drone of the engine, we had a pretty good day. Jon got the refrigerator working again (at least for now). We caught a huge mahi-mahi, 49in! There was a sushi lunch and a nice fish dinner. Today will be poke for lunch and fish tacos for dinner. There may even still be fish left after all that! There was also popcorn and a bunch of movies. The boys powered through to midnight (but were up early again) while Jon and I made our watch rotations.

All the very best wishes for 2019 to everyone!

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  1. Happy New Year 🎊 hope you got a good picture of e fish - sounds huge!