Day 13, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 30DEC18, Day 13, Atlantic Crossing. Yesterday afternoon we put up the asymmetric, brought down the main and sailed deeper downwind. The winds were light and the seas were pretty calm. In the evening the winds picked up a bit, but we continued with just the asymmetric. This morning with gusts hitting 30 knots we brought in the asymmetric, put out the jib and put up the main. Of course, now we haven't seen even 25kts again. Even so we have picked up the average speed which makes everything a bit better, even if things below are a bit more difficult.

Current Position: 15 55.9N 041 56.7W
24 hour progress: 149nm, 6.2kts avg SOG, 1855nm total progress, approximately 1100nm to go.

Everyone is doing well. We have decided that we will go to Martinique, instead of Barbados. This means that we added about a day, but we weren't hitting any kind of speed record anyway. Likely landfall is sometime next weekend - or later if we hit some slow spots that seem to be developing. At any rate the reason that we had planned to go to Barbados was to see other boat kids, but everyone is a week or more ahead of us so they will be gone. Next stops for most of them are St Lucia and Martinique so we will just go straight to Martinique and hope to meet up with other boat kids. Heaven knows Daxton (and therefore everyone) needs the interaction!

Zephyros milestone - our "odometer" hit 10,000 nm over night last night! Not bad for 15 months of sailing.

Time zones - CORRECTION: Barbados and Martinique are GMT -5 (not 4). So we will roll back 3 more times to get to the local time before we arrive.

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