Terra Firma?

21APR22, Jamestown, St Helena.

We were cleared in to St Helena today! First lateral flow test yesterday afternoon and second today. The whole process was a bit of a mess with the Easter holiday weekend and 5 boats needing to be cleared in. However, it is now (finally) sorted and we have been ashore for the first time in 37 days.

It was a long 6 days sitting on the mooring, but we survived without throwing anyone overboard. We had one really rolly night, but mostly it has been ok. We have gotten most of the things on our maintenance list completed. We even managed to get permission to dive our prop one day so Daxton and Megan got in the water briefly to perform the mechanical inspection and check the anodes.

We were all excited to step ashore late this afternoon (it definitely seemed like the ground was moving). We got Ronan's phone working and had a meal out - yay, salad greens and food we didn't make. There are no credit cards or ATMs in use here so we have a tab and will need to settle that once we can get to the bank. The bank closes at 3pm and we didn't even get ashore until just after 3 and had to clear through immigration and customs before we could do anything else… so it was a busy 3 hours ashore as the last ferry boat back to the moorings was at 6pm.

Tomorrow we will start exploring and figuring out where we can get the things we need to restock…


  1. I was told by saints that there are 2 atms one in bank and one at airport. Pearl and Kira say hi to the boys