Sitting on a mooring, waiting

16APR22, Jamestown, St Helena.

The Harbour Master came by this morning to start our paperwork and explain the new health check process. The process changed this week, but with Easter weekend it really is not significantly different for us, unfortunately.

Instead of doing a PCR test (only given on Thursdays), crew will now do 2 lateral flow tests, given at least 24 hours apart. Oh, and by the way, the process isn't entirely finalized by the Health Minister just yet, so there may be some hiccups along the way. At least we aren't alone, there will be at least 3 other boats that will get to "test" the new process with us next week.

With it being Easter weekend the first chance to take the test is Tuesday and the second test could potentially be on Wednesday. So best case, we can go ashore on Wednesday or Thursday rather than having to wait until Thursday or Friday which would have been the case with the old process. Basically a day sooner than we had originally expected, but not as soon as we had hoped from yesterday's radio call.

It's a bit disappointing - well, the kids, especially Ronan (remember that broken phone that needs to be connected to the internet that he has?), are extremely disappointed. However, those are the rules, so that is what we will all work through.

We still have plenty of food, drink and water. We have plenty of chores to do to keep us busy as well. We are looking forward to being checked in and able to go ashore. We are just a bit unlucky to have arrived during a long holiday weekend (Good Friday and Easter Monday are observed holidays with everything closed). Hopefully things will go smoothly and it won't be too painful to exercise this new process.

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