Drake Passage Northbound, Day 2

0800Z 25FEB21, Day 2, Drake Passage Northbound. We've been making good speed and the weather has been mostly good though windy. It is still cold and we are all looking forward to higher temperatures. We saw the sun quite a bit, but also got some rain/snow/sleet. We had a couple of dolphins that kept us company for awhile. We were surprised with how far south they were. There have also been lots of the usual birds - albatrosses, giant petrels and storm petrels.

Current Position: 60 21S / 065 02W
24 hour progress: 146nm, 6.1kts avg SOG! Overall progress for the passage is 257nm, approximately 275nm to Cape Horn.

We were on a beam reach all day with winds slightly aft of the beam. Zephyros does like a reach and we are moving well. The main has 3 reefs and we are making adjustments to the genoa, staying between 1-3 reefs based on winds. We do change point of sail 10-20 degrees and need to adjust the sheets occasionally too. Otherwise we are largely inside in the pilot house, staying warm, pointed to Cape Horn, and starting to dream of things like hot showers, fresh fruit and veggies. We expect to keep this point of sail for most of the next day or so. The winds are high and the seas continue to be quite large. The wave direction seems to be slightly more comfortable or maybe we are just getting used to it.

We are all doing ok. The struggle to find sea legs continues, but seems to be arriving bit by bit. The boys are keeping down food and starting to feel hungry again. We are all hoping that day 3 will be the magic day - it is the typical day where everyone starts feeling better. The Drake Shake is real, this passage is definitely uncomfortable and it is a tough ride to adjust to for all. At least it isn't too long so if sea legs never come it is ok. This will soon be a distant memory where it won't seem like it was that bad. And the sail is indeed, fast and good!

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