Drake Passage Northbound, Day 1

0800Z 24FEB21, Day 1, Drake Passage Northbound. We departed from our spot at anchor in Two Hummock Island at 5am (local time).

Antarctica gave us a few last views and a beautiful sunrise as we moved north through the last of the sheltered waters. There were also some whales and penguins that swam by to see us off. We were sad to be leaving and also so very thankful for the experience!

We soon entered the ocean swell and were straight into The Drake Shake (before even technically being in the Drake). We raised the main and were able to sail some, then the winds died and shifted so the motor came back on. The clouds rolled in, the sun went away and the snow started. Then we found we had enough wind to be sailing on the other tack which was a bit messy since we (ok, Megan) assumed and planned for only being on a port tack the whole way (Jon believed the weather forecast and figured we would be sailing earlier than Megan). We got everything cleaned up and made good, on course, progress for awhile. Eventually the winds died again, the engine was back on and we waited for the winds to shift back to the west and fill in. They did almost exactly like forecasted which is always a bit reassuring. It was a busy night with both of us working the needed sail changes and adjustments.

Current Position: 62 38S / 063 33W
24 hour progress: 111nm, 4.6kts avg SOG, about 11h of engine time, approximately 415nm to Cape Horn. We are now set up on a beam reach, winds slightly aft of the beam and moving well. We are pointed to Cape Horn and expect to keep this point of sail for the next couple of days. The seas have been large and lumpy. They have improved in the deeper water, but they are still quite uncomfortable.

We are all doing ok and adjusting back to passage making. Everyone is really searching for their sea legs. Jon and the boys have been sick. Apparently the anti-seasickness medicine isn't really working for Jon anymore. Megan hasn't been sick, but she didn't even think about making any food for anyone to eat on day 1. "This too shall pass."

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