Day 7, Panama to Galapagos

1740Z 22MAY19, Day 7, Panama to Galapagos. A week at sea with days to go. Yesterday saw very little forward progress. We motor sailed south to get out of current that was limiting our progress and in an attempt to make it to a spot where we could sail on a more direct course.

While there were some rain clouds on the horizon, yesterday ended up sunny and warm. Today started off grey with light showers, but is now sunny.

Current Position: 01 48N 085 14W
24 hour progress: 111nm, 4.6kts avg SOG, the last 24 hours included 15 hours of motor sailing. Current progress for the passage is 788nm with approximately 310nm to go on the great circle route. We have had steady winds of 15kts +/- 5kts true wind. Currently sailing close hauled in lighter winds and calm seas.

The crew is doing fine. We were frustrated by the lack of progress yesterday. But today is a new day and we seem to be making improved progress. We are hoping that we can continue to make more direct progress and that we will pick up a beneficial current as we get closer to the Galapagos.

More red-footed boobies joined us yesterday with about five sleeping on the boat - on the anchor, on the bow pulpit, on the lifelines and one on the stern rail. Athena checked the one at the stern out for a bit and slept outside with an eye on him for a good bit of the night. We think they must make a habit of finding sailboats, hitching rides and hanging out, as we know of many boats that they have visited. They fly off to eat, play around the boat and then return to preen and rest. Fun to watch, but they have put a damper on our fishing as all our lures look like what they're fishing up. They have been decently behaved thus far and have only been leaving small messes. Daxton is thoroughly enjoying their visit, naming each of them and providing stream of conscious commentary on their antics. Entertaining and exhausting.

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