Day 6, Panama to Galapagos

1740Z 21MAY19, Day 6, Panama to Galapagos. We are being beaten by the current and struggling to make progress in the right direction. We tacked this morning and are making ESE progress which is actually taking us a bit further from the Galapagos and not getting us south quickly either. The goal is to get below the current line and to get to the wind that we should be able to sail towards the Galapagos.

Yesterday was sunny and warm. Today is a mix of grey and sun. It looks like we may see some rain again later today.

Current Position: 03 02N 085 10W
24 hour progress: 115nm, 4.8kts avg SOG, the last 24 hours were all sailing. Current progress for the passage is 677nm with approximately 360nm to go on the great circle route. We have had steady winds of 15kts +/- 5kts true wind. We have also seen winds above 20kts. Currently sailing close hauled with 1 reef in the main. We add a 2nd reef when the winds are higher and shake it out when they go back down.

The crew is doing fine. We are a bit frustrated by the wind and currents. We may have to motor sail out of this because we have a swath of about 160 degrees that we can't sail due to the push from the current. For now, we continue to pound to windward with no end in sight.

This morning a Red Footed Booby stopped to hang out on the bow and periodically takes off to do acrobatics around us and then returns. She (or he) has now been joined by what seems to be a juvenile. So now we have one on the anchor and one on the pulpit. They have helped to improve morale and are proving quite entertaining to Daxton who is narrating their adventures and has named them "Cupcake" and "Brownie".

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