Day 7, Passage to Panama

1915Z 08APR19, Day 7, USVI to Panama Passage. Well, we are still a ways out. The winds have fallen considerably. They were 8-12kts last night, but have come back up to around 10-15kts today. However, we are being set by an opposing current and moving slowly.

Yesterday afternoon, after the wind started falling and before sunset, we took down the sails and put up the asymmetric. To do this, we turned on the engine and discovered that something is not quite right. There is a slight shaking when the engine is up at normal operating rpms turning the screw. We assume something happened back on the early morning of 2 APR when we had the issue with the rudder. We had not used the engine since 1 APR so we were unaware. Before we go into the marina, we will stop and dive the boat to see what is going on. There is no impact to our ability to sail, and we can maneuver with the engine. The boat is responding to throttle inputs appropriately but there is a slight shaking / vibration that should not be there. It may just be minor fouling of the screw.

Normally we probably would have been motoring or motor sailing, at least over night in the light winds. However, we are erring on the conservative side and leaving the engine off for now. We will continue to sail for as long as we have wind, and only use the engine when we must until we are able to see what has occurred.

Current Position: 10 12N 079 02W
24 hour progress: 109nm, 4.5kts avg SOG, 992nm completed, approximately 75nm to go. Current weather is very hot and humid. There are clouds and haze again today, yet plenty of sun too. There is very little breeze across or through the boat—it's an apparent wind thing as we're sailing deep downwind under the asymmetric spinnaker.

We are all doing fine. We will sort out our issues and should enter the marina tomorrow. Still looking forward to a good, long shower and a cold drink or two!

Random fact: Zephyros has gone more than 13,000nm as of this morning! We passed the mark just after sunrise.

Cribbage Tally:
Jon-11, Megan-2 (obviously it was Jon's idea to track this and Megan is less and less pleased about the tracking every time she loses)
Jon-1, Daxton-0 (opening of a second front)

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