Day 6, Passage to Panama

1915Z 07APR19, Day 6, USVI to Panama Passage. Well we thought the winds had calmed down yesterday but they were right back up around sunset. They have been slowly decreasing since sunrise. We are back to comfortably sailing with full main and full jib. We gybed yesterday and our course is around 250T, now on a starboard tack instead of a similar course that we had yesterday on the port tack. We are hoping the wind will swing a bit more, but we likely will gybe back south again later today.
Current Position: 11 25N 077 45W
24 hour progress: 146nm, 6.1kts avg SOG, 883nm completed, approximately 180nm to go. Current weather is still hot. There are more clouds and haze today, but plenty of sun too. We continue to sail a broad reach with winds now around 20kts +/-5kts true wind.
We are looking forward to and anticipating landfall. It is shaping into another after dark arrival so we are thinking out alternatives and have a few good options, depending on progress over the next 24 hours. We would love to make the marina before dark tomorrow, but it isn't looking likely, unfortunately.
We are all doing fine and catching up on rest as the conditions are calming down. We are looking forward to arriving in the marina and are all looking forward to long showers! There are also a number of kid boats there and the marina is reportedly quite nice. So lots of things to look forward to, back in the real world.
Cribbage Tally: Jon-7, Megan-1

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