Atlantic Crossing Complete!

2215Z 07JAN19, Atlantic Crossing, COMPLETE! Anchored in St Anne's Bay, Martinique.

Zephyros' 3 day race against the clock has come to a conclusion. We stuck with it even though there were many, many times when it looked like we would be 1-2 hours too late and then times (sometimes moments later) when we looked like we could just, barely, make it. Resolved it would be what it was, we kept pushing hard to beat the clock. In the end, we made it, anchoring just a few minutes past dusk, still a bit later than desired, but acceptable. We have learned, neither Jon nor I are cut out to be ocean racers continually pushing the boat against a clock, but we really wanted to sleep in our bed the whole night through tonight so it was worth the fight.

3012 nautical miles
21 days, 9.75 hours
5.9 knots average speed over ground
55.2 hours of engine time
180 liters of fuel consumed (approximately)
520 liters of water consumed
2 swims in the Atlantic
2 holidays (Christmas and New Year's)
4 sets of dolphin sightings
1 sea turtle spotted
2 big Mahi-mahi, 2 small, caught, landed and eaten
Blood (think everyone had at least a scratch), sweat (hard work and it is warm!) and tears (everyone but Jon!!!)

Our cell phones aren't picking up any coverage; which is a Google Fi issue. We will get a local SIM in the morning when we check in. We will be online again when we can be. In the meantime, we are safe and sound in Martinique! Champagne has been enjoyed, dinner served, and now we're off to our proper beds to dream of big blue.


  1. Congrats! Glad you all are safe. Enjoy the beach and talking to other people.
    Craig J

  2. Glad you made it safe!!!
    Happy New Year!!!
    Pete E.

  3. I bet the full nights sleep in your beds felt great - and probably a bit strange