We arrive in the Canary Islands!

1930Z 02DEC18, Day 6, Gibraltar-Canary Islands. We sailed and motored through the day. We had hoped to make the anchorage before dark, but watched the sunset over Graciosa and Lanzarote. We were safely anchored just after 1900, about an hour after sunset. It was a lovely weather day and we finished out the trip smoothly. 

Passage summary: 131.5 hours, 597 nm, 4.5 kts avg SOG — a little slow, but not bad given the slog against the current to escape the Strait of Gibraltar.

We were all happy to have arrived and there was excited energy throughout the day. We had a nice dinner with a celebratory glass of wine and then everyone went off for a good night's sleep. We were happy to have completed our longest passage yet. It was relatively smooth with some minor issues we will quickly sort, and as always, continuous learning. 

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