Day 1, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 18DEC18, Day 1, Atlantic Crossing. We departed La Gomera in calm conditions and motored south for around an hour and half. As we moved out of the lee of the island we raised our mainsail and the wind built to just over 10kts. This meant the jib also went out, the motor went off and we have been sailing since. It has been an easy and calm start to the crossing with winds largely sitting around 15kts +/- 5kts and the seas rather comfortable. We started off on a close reach and have fallen off to a broad reach with full main and jib making a general course of 210T over ground and moving well.

Current Position: 25 54N 018 23W
24 hour progress: 150nm, 6.25kts avg SOG, approximately 2500nm to go, current weather is warm and sunny, yesterday was hazy and we lost sight of land quickly.

As the excitement to be on our way has started to fade we are looking to settle into routines. The general ease of the conditions is making it easy to start getting into our grooves.

We saw a single dolphin for awhile after we set our sails and he played off our bow and leapt out of the water off our port quarter. We have had the fishing line in, but no fish, yet. This morning around 10am a sailboat popped up next to us on AIS and visually. So we now have someone to race, though he seems to be a bit bigger than us and going slightly faster so far.


  1. Good progress and sounds like nearly perfect conditions. Love ❤️ and hugs 🤗

  2. Good luck fishing. Not many people can say they have caught a fish where you are. Safe crossings.