Day 6, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 23DEC18, Day 6, Atlantic Crossing. The winds have been around 10-15kts, but continue to drop. We put up the asymmetric spinnaker yesterday afternoon. In the late afternoon we gybed west. We brought down the main overnight and are now sailing downwind on the asymmetric alone, making a westerly course and 3-5kts.

Current Position: 18 29.9N 026 45.5W
24 hour progress: 123nm, 5.1kts avg SOG, 904nm total progress, approximately 1925nm to go. Clouds and haze rolled in yesterday so it was a starless night and it is a very grey day.

While our progress has slowed we are still sailing and the engine has not been on at all since leaving La Gomera. Everyone is doing well though a bit tired, even the kids. Our refrigerator continues to need to be triaged but is staying cold thanks to Jon's continued work and oversight. The next 24 hours or so will likely be slow forward progress for Zephyros. We will see how many baking projects we can tackle to boost morale.

We can see comments to the blog; we just can't reply to them. Dad, we are still thinking 18-20 days is very possible but too early to say how probable.

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  1. Make some peanut butter cookies for me 🎄 following closely and thinking of you and all the others who sailed a similar route over the years. Hope the weather clears and the winds pick up - aFter you get the Christmas baking done of course