Day 5, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 22DEC18, Day 5, Atlantic Crossing. The winds have continued to hold about 15-20kts with comfortable seas. We continue to sail a broad reach with 2 reefs in the main and full jib. We haven't touched the sails at all the last 48 hours! We have been making a course over ground between 200-230T.

Current Position: 18 45.4N 024 51.2W
24 hour progress: 143nm, 6kts avg SOG, 781nm total progress, approximately 2035nm to go. Weather continues to be warm and sunny with some scattered clouds and some haze overnight.

We continue to make good time and are all doing fine. Our refrigerator is getting cold again, and we have decided to press on towards the Caribbean without a stop in the Cape Verdes. We plan to make our second turn west around 18 15N, later today. We are hoping to stay in wind but it looks like the 23rd & 24th will be light winds. We figure that is ok and plan to make the most of it, but are optimistically hoping that comes with calm seas (not confused or rolly seas).

Yesterday we snagged a small Mahi Mahi, but he jumped off the line before we got him aboard. Then around noon today we caught and landed another Mahi Mahi - so off to get sushi ready for lunch. Otherwise things have been rather uneventful.

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