Day 11, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 28DEC18, Day 11, Atlantic Crossing. Yesterday was sunny and warm. Today is grey and overcast. Winds were largely 20-25kts until the early morning hours when they dropped to 15-20kts. So far today, they are sitting around 20kts. We continue to sail with a full jib and partially reefed main. In the early morning hours we gybed south due to the wind direction, to stay in better wind and to run the refrigerator. Making 250T over ground.

Current Position: 17 18.1N 037 47.5W
24 hour progress: 147nm, 6.1kts avg SOG, 1579nm total progress, approximately 1295nm to go.

Everyone is doing well. The boys have been working on their schoolwork. They had fallen behind pace for where they should be in their math books. All the preparations to cross the Atlantic kept Jon and I distracted enough that they were able to put in minimal efforts. They have been working at it consistently in the crossing. We are all happy that they are catching up a bit. Jon and I have been doing lots of reading and typically take a nap or two throughout the day.

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  1. Am I right that each time zone is 15 degrees of longitude?