Day 10, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 27DEC18, Day 10, Atlantic Crossing. We continue to see and pass through small rain cells. Yesterday afternoon we avoided most of them, just by luck. Overnight we passed through some of them. Winds have been 20-25kts with gusts of 30+ around the cells. We had Zephyros reefed up with 3 reefs in the main and a reef in the jib. With this configuration she sailed well and only minor adjustments were needed when passing near the cells. It is now sunny and clear and we are back to a full jib, sailing a broad reach. We gybed south due to wind angle and will gybe west again soon.

Current Position: 17 20.7N 035 23.7W
24 hour progress: 156nm, 6.5kts avg SOG, 1431nm total progress, approximately 1430nm to go. Grey and rainy with patches of sunshine and warm weather.

Everyone is doing well. We are now officially halfway mileage wise! The refrigerator continues to be an issue and major frustration. Keeping sufficient cooling water running has been problematic, and harder still when on a starboard tack heading west. We have thus far managed to keep it cold enough inside, hopefully we can continue to keep it going with cycling and constant oversight.

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