Day 4, Arrival in Svalbard

1615Z 05JUL24, Day 4, arrival in Hornsund, Spitsbergen, Svalbard!

Current Position: 76 56N / 015 52E anchored in Gåshamna Bay, Hornsund
10.25 hour progress: 59nm at 5.8kts avg SOG

Passage Summary
475 nautical miles sailed
3 days 10.25hours (82.25 hours)
5.8 knots average speed over ground
5.7 hours of engine time
Casualties: none!

Day 4 started on the engine as we moved to the other side of the wind line and fought against a little adverse current. At 0700Z the engine was off and we were sailing in 18kts of breeze.

We were soon sailing with 2 reefs in the main but on an actual reach at 080 deg AWA! As the morning went on we were able to fall off a bit more and the winds piped up a touch gusting to 25kts or so. It was the nicest sailing of the passage.

Just before 4pm local we were turning towards Hornsund and the wind dropped. We turned on the engine and brought in the sails as we motored for the next couple of hours to our anchorage. The winds blew out of the fjord at 15+kts and there seemed to be an adverse current as well to slow our progress for the last few miles.

As we motored into our anchorage, a whale dove under the boat just to say hello before disappearing into the fjord. At 6:20 local we were anchor down in Gåshamna Bay, engine secured and congratulating each other for our arrival.

The last day was overcast but we did pass through a pod of whales - probably Sei whales - which added to the excitement of the day. We also saw more pods of dolphins that hung with us and played in our wake for a bit.

Ready to be settled, potatoes were already roasting when we entered the anchorage, and the rest of the fixings were ready to go. As soon as the anchor was down, the chimney went up for the heater and the boat quickly warmed. We enjoyed a steak and potato dinner and were all soon to sleep for the night. Since then we have been busy exploring and moving around. Thanks for following along and we will post more to Facebook and Instagram.

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