Day 2, Azores to Ireland

0930Z 02AUG23, Day 2, Azores to Ireland. We had a lovely day of sailing in warm weather and blue skies. Overnight the clouds rolled in and this morning is off to a gray start.

Current Position: 40 34N / 022 27W
24 hour progress: 139nm, 5.8kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 242nm, approximately 880nm to Kinsale.

We have been sailing a reach for the past 24 hours with Zephyros moving well. Yesterday in the late morning we turned the engine on for less than 30min when the winds dipped below 5kts. Soon we were back in light but sailable wind and the engine was back off. Perhaps we were a bit too impatient or perhaps the little bit of motoring helped to get us quickly out of the wind hole.

The winds and seas built gradually over the past 24 hours. We adjusted sails and course to stay pointed towards Kinsale. Around midnight the winds built to 20+ kts so we added a reef to the main on watch turnover. This kept everything comfortable.

The overnight watch had the supermoon as company. The skies were cloudy but the moon still kept the night decently bright.

We have been able to see Saga on the AIS pretty much the whole day. They were gaining on us in the lower winds of yesterday morning and afternoon. However, once Zephyros found 15kts of apparent wind she has been doing better. They gain some ground and lose some ground. We seem fairly evenly matched overall.

We have email contact with both Saga and Puff as we all move through these waters. It's nice to know there are fellow sailors just over the horizon even if all you can see on the horizon is blue or gray.

The boys are standing their watches and we are all adjusting. Poseidon has adjusted really smoothly with the calmer start to this passage. He has been taking over the pilot house seat for hours each morning and doesn't like to share.

The fishing line is out - Daxton's lure still isn't catching anything to his dismay. Lots of boats on the AIS early this morning with a cargo ship passing about 1.5nm away in the early morning hours.

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