Day 18, arrival in Horta, Faial, Azores!

1500Z 14JUN23, Day 18, arrival in Horta, Faial, Azores! We were anchor down at 1500Z which is also 1500 local, just shy of a full 18 day passage. We inflated the dinghy, got checked in and re-anchored a bit forward in the port. Then we enjoyed taco night, a bottle of cava 🥂and collapsed into bed. 

Current Position: 38 32N / 028 37W anchored in Horta, Faial, Azores

22.5 hour progress: 148nm, 6.6kts avg SOG. Our fastest day!

Passage Summary

2,334 nautical miles sailed

17 days 23 hours (431 hours)

5.42 knots average speed over ground

41 hours of engine time

0 fish 

Casualties: sail bag lazy jack haul line (port side), batten issues, blinking AIS display

The winds had filled in to the expected 20-25kts and Zephyros galloped to the port in Horta with our best average speed of the passage but not quite a 24 hour run. 

We sailed a broad reach on starboard tack for the remaining 145nm almost entirely on rhumb line. We were gradually able to turn into the wind giving us a cleaner broad reach and better and better speeds. 

In the morning we added a reef to the main as our speeds were up and the seas were also coming up as the ocean floor became shallower. It was hazy and rainy as we approached Horta. 

The rain didn't last - thankfully. It did look like we might have pouring rain from the forecasts for our arrival. The haze did last. We couldn't see land until about 5 or so miles away! It made landfall and landfall pictures a bit mysterious. 

We sailed most of the way into the harbor. As we turned the SE corner of the island, we first furled in the genoa and sailed the main deep downwind. Then we gybed the main across. Finally we turned on the engine to drop the main, pass through the harbor entrance and find a place to anchor. We made it!

Astreos went to Flores. Emily Morgan beat us in and is anchored in Horta. We arrived before Saba—who was our only declared on passage challenger.

Paikea is due in tomorrow but is likely to run out of wind today or tomorrow. Apparently our rather generous full week handicap was more than sufficient to get us the earlier arrival. We are excited to welcome them to Horta and look forward to exploring with them!

We are also looking forward to seeing our friends on Puff who should be heading back to Horta (they are on Sao Jorge currently) this weekend. A new place, with great friends to hang out and explore with—we are happy to be here!

We will move posts back to Facebook and Instagram for our time in the Azores. We will be back with log posts for our onward passage to northern high latitudes. 

Thank you for following along!

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