Day 2, St Martin to the Azores

1600Z 29MAY23, Day 2, St Martin to the Azores. We are moving along. The winds have lightened a bit and the seas are calmer. It is nice, easy blue sky sailing. We are pretty happy with this comfortable course and speed.

Current Position: 22 01N / 062 01W
24 hour progress: 123nm, 5.1kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 255nm, approximately 1980nm to the Azores. Another 100nm off of the rhumb line. This morning we shook out a reef in the main so are down to 1 reef with around 15kts of wind - sometimes more, sometimes less. Still on a close reach. The course has varied from N to about 030.

Not a whole lot to report. We had a cargo ship pass us at about 3nm. Everything else is pretty quiet and low key. Everyone is sleeping and adjusting. The calm conditions are welcome and has everyone feeling well.

Megan had a caffeine withdrawal headache yesterday that was pretty bad by evening time but she was able to take some ibuprofen and sleep. She was then feeling much better.

Poseidon is also feeling better and moving around. He has been hanging out in the cockpit with us. Inside the boat is rather hot with the hatches closed and most of the sun covers stowed, so it's good for him to get out and feel the cooler air. He still isn't very wise about windward and leeward sides so keeps picking the high side and sliding towards the low side.

The boys are standing a little bit of watch which helps the parents get a bit more sleep. The sea legs are coming along for all.

The fishing line is out. Cedar plug now, squid yesterday - but no bites. The sargassum seems to be largely disappearing so not as much need to clear the hook (or the daggerboard or the Watt&Sea). A few masked boobies and other birds now and again but mostly just lots of blue ocean.

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