Day 25, Ascension Island to Grenada

1300Z 16JUN22, Day 25, Ascension Island to Grenada. Another good progress day, more or less direct to Grenada, with help from the current. The Strawberry Supermoon continued to keep us company.

Current Position: 11 57N / 059 48W
24 hour progress: 139nm, 5.8kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 3132nm, approximately 116nm to Grenada. We continued sailing deep downwind with the poled out genoa, 3 reefs in the main and a nice push from the current.

Yesterday was largely sunny weather. Most of the rain clouds and storm cells dissipated. The winds largely stabilized around 20kts with only the occasional gusts stronger or holes with lighter winds. We continued to make better than expected progress as the current continued to boost our speeds over ground. As we are pointed nearly directly downwind, it has been very rolly aboard.

The sea is still green. We still haven't caught another fish, just lots of weed. The sargassum weed has diminished (maybe?) so we are trying the fishing line again. We made pizza last night so we are definitely not suffering without fish right now.

We saw some different bird life yesterday. There was a masked booby that was fishing near the boat. Daxton decided that indicated that he should be fishing. He put the line in and got a bite, but no fish. One of these days he will probably hook something big by the boat and lose the whole fishing rig. We also had a noddy hanging out on our solar panels for awhile overnight. As it was just the one, (s)he was quiet, but there was still a mess to clean up this morning.

Spirits aboard are high as we continue to look good for a Friday morning arrival. Still lingering is a pending import permit for the cats which could keep us from being able to check in and be ashore tomorrow. (We have spent the last week trying to complete final coordination for the permit that is only valid for 10 days. We expected this would be relatively simple and straightforward. However, there seems to have been a miscommunication or lost documents and since last night we have been trying to resend large file documents that we sent back in St Helena when we had internet - all in an attempt to avoid this exact situation. Iridium GO! and big emails do not mix or make for happy crew and they take down email, delaying blog posts.) We are trying to temper the mood just in case things don't go smoothly. Fingers crossed we can work it out and be checked in tomorrow and enjoying a meal and a drink ashore.

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