Day 19, Ascension Island to Grenada

1300Z 10JUN22, Day 19, Ascension Island to Grenada. From a slow progress day to a big progress day, we continue on, heading in the right direction. Other than flying along it has been a quiet 24 hours.

Current Position: 10 04N / 046 47W
24 hour progress: 156nm, 6.5kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 2348nm, approximately 891nm to Grenada. We have been sailing a broad reach with 1 and then 2 reefs in the main. The genoa remains poled out.

Yesterday, the winds and seas built. We had a lot of sun as well. We did well on power thanks to solar, the wind generator and Jon's diligence in keeping W&S clear. This is now a lot of work with our high average speeds. The arm is difficult to put back in the water against the speed and boat wash. He is pulling hard on the block and tackle, and has now rigged the line around a winch.

We picked up speed with the building winds. Because we were sailing well with the genoa poled out, we have left the pole in place. We don't especially need it on this point of sail, but with big seas it keeps the sail from flogging and it allows us to turn deeper downwind at any point given large wind gusts or the wind shifting further astern.

The winds have been steady and constant between 20-25kts with higher gusts at times. We added a second reef to the main before sunset. It didn't do much to slow us down, but flattened out the ride a little. The winds should remain around this strength and potentially move further aft allowing us to sail deeper downwind. If the wind does shift, that should improve our ride and move the waves to be more following than off of our beam.

Today's weather is gray, dreary and hazy. A bit of sun is trying to burn through the clouds. Perhaps it will be successful, perhaps it will just be a gray day.

We rolled the ship's clocks back an hour to UTC -3 and will have one more time change to make.

The fishing line has remained stowed on board. We have a fish meal in the fridge and conditions are a bit sporty with the large waves. We will wait for calmer seas to put the line back in.

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