Day 5, Ascension Island to Grenada

1300Z 27MAY22, Day 5, Ascension Island to Grenada. The weather has still included occasional clouds and rain, but there were also good stars in the early morning hours and a lot of sun this morning. The trade winds have decisively filled back in!

Current Position: 05 11S / 023 28W
24 hour progress: 156nm, 6.5kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 591nm, approximately 2508nm to Grenada. We continued sailing deep downwind on a starboard tack with the asymmetric flying and the main at the 4th reef, making good speed and course to Grenada.

The wind has continued to be gusty. We have continued sailing on the asymmetric and are occasionally going a bit faster than we like. However, Zephyros and Nike (autopilot) continue to handle it just fine. We, the crew, are occasionally holding on, but they keep on chugging along safely. The seas have built a bit along with the winds, but are no problem either.

Daxton and Megan continued their wellness challenge and had their lists completed early yesterday in the cloudier weather and calmer conditions. They will have to get motivated to knock it out in today's heat and rolly conditions.

Last night we were down to 2 noddy stowaways. They weren't actually with us the whole night. One was atop the pilot house for a little while and surprised Ronan when he stuck his head outside and nearly put his hand on an equally surprised bird. They flew off when our first round of significant gusts came and things got a little hectic for a short while with some noise and people on deck to check things over. Perhaps we will scare them off, eventually. Though they did return for a bit after the noise.

We fished again yesterday with no luck, but the conditions are a bit much for landing a fish today, so the line isn't wet.

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