Day 24, Falkland Islands to St Helena

1030Z 08APR22, Day 24, Falkland Islands to St Helena. Ground hog day. Still sunny, still warm / hot, still nice sailing, still close hauled, still not quite headed directly towards our destination.

Current Position: 25 48S / 011 08W
24 hour progress: 127nm, 5.3kts avg SOG, about 3 hours on the engine. Overall progress for the passage is 3,102nm, approximately 664nm left to go via a great circle route to St Helena.

The daylight hours saw us sailing with the full main and a full genoa as tight to the wind as we could get (again). We reefed down a bit at sunset, then shook out a reef and then the winds died and we motored sailed / motored for a few hours. Our couple of days with better progress than expected probably ended at the point. We were back to sailing before midnight, but mostly east.

We are now facing a couple of days with the wind likely coming directly from where we want to go with no great choice for a heading. Since we can't sail directly into the wind, we continued east for a while. Sunrise saw us tack and shift everything back to the left as we made the decision to turn north. This (hopefully) will allow us some ability to go direct to St Helena to "cut the corner" when the winds move to the east in a couple of days, rather than heading so far east that all we have left is north to go. It's a plan. Might be the right one, might not be. It could have been our final tack of the passage. Or we may have to tack back and forth a bit. Time will tell.

We had the fishing line in all day yesterday without a bite. The cedar plug was not any more (or less) effective than the pink squid. Daxton has decided to try our luck with our pink squid lure again. Hopefully we will get back to our successful fishing average soon.

We are starting to see flying fish regularly. The boys have had random sightings, but then we have gone long periods without seeing any more. Still no birds and still seeing trash. Yesterday, it was a basket, another bottle and a couple of groups of lines with weeds around them.

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