Day 6, Falkland Islands to St Helena

1030Z 21MAR22, Day 6, Falkland Islands to St Helena. Yesterday was a better day. We enjoyed some nicer weather and things gradually calmed. While the winds remained quite variable (frustrating at times), our ride smoothed out over night improving our speed in the now lighter winds. We are hopeful for another good day.

Current Position: 44 31S / 042 03W
24 hour progress: 129nm, 5.4kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 833nm, approximately 2,505nm to go on the great circle route to St Helena. (For those following along that's 127nm directly towards St Helena yesterday, which is pretty great for 129nm sailed.)

We continued reaching. We adjusted between a beam reach to a broad reach and back again as needed to keep our course close to the rhumb line. We left the 4th reef in until the mid-afternoon and adjusted the genoa semi-regularly. As the winds continued to be variable we let out genoa and often rolled it back in some again. The waves continued to be decently sized with the occasional ones kicking us around a bit. But slowly, overall, the winds gradually decreased and the seas settled. We also made some fresh water.

Even though it was a better day, it was a busy day. We found it a bit too inconsistent to have the boys stand their watches alone. Though meal preparation and cooking remained challenging, we were determined to enjoy some fresh food. Jon managed to prep a big bowl of guacamole to attend to some tomatoes and peppers, as well as avocados, that needed eating. Megan boiled eggs early in the day, then roasted potatoes and cooked up some British sausages for the evening meal. So in the end we were all well and well fed, even if doing anything and everything in the galley remained daunting.

In our bird update, the number of prions significantly decreased yesterday. We have no idea why. There were still quite a few birds - prions, petrels and albatrosses - to watch and entertain us. We also saw a type of gray albatross with which we were unfamiliar. Looking for gold in everything around us, we enjoyed some more rainbows as we continued to pass through and around isolated patches of rain.

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