Day 3, Falkland Islands to St Helena

1030Z 18MAR22, Day 3, Falkland Islands to St Helena. Yesterday was rainy and gray - and cold and damp. The weather did clear during the night so that we had some occasional moonlight and then a moon spotlight behind us towards the end of the night. Hoping for sun today but we shall see.

Current Position: 47 59S / 049 13W
24 hour progress: 143nm, 6.0kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 430nm, approximately 2865nm to go on the great circle route to St Helena.

It was a rough end to the day. For a few afternoon / evening hours we were pummeled by strong winds and waves that were significantly greater than forecast. It was tough. Eventually things calmed down allowing for better sleep and better sailing. We are currently sailing a broad reach in light winds which means we are rolling around a bit (and the engine may not be far away). We spent most of the last day on a reach to a broad reach. We were able to keep the wind aft of the beam even in the stronger stuff which helps for comfort. We put the 4th reef in the main and were only sailing a handkerchief of genoa in the strongest winds. We are back to a full genoa and full main now after a nice sunrise.

It was too rough and variable for the boys to stand watch yesterday. They seem to have their sea legs now so they will be added to the watch bill and school will resume as conditions permit. It was also too rough to make much for dinner so we expect everyone will be eating well for day 4 and hopeful that conditions will allow some proper meals.

Computer is charged up from the inverter! And there continue to be birds - albatrosses, petrels and lots of prions - all flying aerial tricks around us, undaunted by any bad weather.

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