Day 2, Drake Passage Northbound

1500Z 20FEB22, Day 2, Drake Passage Northbound. It's a gray, gray day out here this morning. However the progress is great and we are in good spirits.

Current Position: 57 32S / 058 54W
24 hour progress: 161nm(!), 6.7kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 312nm, approximately 360nm to Stanley Harbour. We are sailing a beam reach and making fast average speeds for Zephyros - she does like 25kts of wind and a reach. The main has 3 reefs in and we are sailing the full genoa. The winds and seas have calmed a bit. The train continues to barrel on with a more or less direct course to the entry to Stanley.

We had sun yesterday to warm the pilot house and a nice sunset last night. We even had a bit of clear sky to see the full moon and some stars, but that is all gone now. It's just haze gray. And cold. The water temperature is still cold (36F / 2.3C) which keeps the boat cold and damp. We are dreaming of hot showers and running the heater again.

Day 2 was uneventful and fast sailing — always good. Sea legs should continue to improve throughout the day. We are all doing well. Adjusting, sleeping and wearing lots of layers.

We had a couple of dolphins that kept us company for awhile on Saturday afternoon and then again at sunset. We were surprised by how far south they were. There have also been lots of the usual birds - albatrosses, giant petrels, storm petrels, prions.

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