Day 2, Drake Passage Southbound

0715Z 15JAN22, Day 2, Drake Passage.
Current Position: 59 13S / 066 17W
24 hour progress: 119nm, 5kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 248nm, approximately 350nm to landfall. We continued making a good course, sailing a beam reach to close reach.

To start day 2, the winds became lighter and by early morning we were sailing the full genoa, with 3 reefs in the main. We continued making a good course and decent speeds. Overnight things continued to lighten, both winds and seas, we then shook out 2 more reefs in the main and continued sailing to wrap up day 2. By the end, the course wasn't perfect but we were still sailing with ok speed and calm seas.

The big surprise of day 2 was a large iceberg north of the Antarctic convergence zone. We spotted it in the afternoon, roughly at 58 11S / 066 48W. This is quite far north to see ice and a good reminder to keep a good watch / lookout. We passed about 4nm west of it and were glad to see that it showed up on radar. Also, we are now far enough south that while the sun sets it is pretty much twilight for the whole night which also helps the lookout.

All is well aboard. Everyone is feeling a bit better and finding their sea legs. Still lots of sleeping but everyone is eating again. The boys also stood watches.

We saw dolphins for a bit early in the day and some albatrosses and storm petrels, throughout the day. While the soaring albatrosses will forever be mesmerizing and beautiful, the storm petrels always impress us - so small and so far from any land.

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