Day 14, Passage to Puerto Montt

2000Z 05OCT19, Day 14, Easter Island to Puerto Montt, Chile. We've now completed 2 weeks at sea for this passage. Zephyros has been putting away good miles in the last 24 hours, especially overnight when the winds were up. In fact, we have purposely slowed ourselves down to ensure a daylight arrival on Monday. Not too much farther now!

Current Position: 40 31S / 078 40W
24 hour progress: 148nm, 6.2kts avg SOG
Overall progress for the passage is 1810nm with approximately 230nm to the entrance canal to get to Puerto Montt. Yesterday's drizzle continued and we woke up enveloped in a cold, drizzly, foggy cloud that hasn't really lifted. Very dreary. The radar has been on, though there is nothing to see and no returns. We are currently running deep downwind with a full genoa and no main. The winds are 15kts +/- 5kts and the seas have been building.

The crew are all doing well. We are looking forward to seeing land though it will still be a few days before we walk on land again. Winds are expected to build in the near term. We are prepared for a busy 24 hours with high winds and multiple gybes before things lighten up as we get ready to make landfall; just the last stretch to power through.


  1. I follow the sailing vessels blogs. You are the only ones who turned left after Panama and did not end in French Polynesia.

    Watch out for the tide and currents when @ Canal Chacao. You shall cross with the current in your favor or between tides, otherwise your SOG will be negative.

    Welcome to mainland Chile.

    If you need tips for Puerto Montt and Chiloe, or any kind of assistance, drop me a line at

    Chile is safe and friendly, but few people speaks English.


    Felipe Larrain

    Just a fellow sailor (on week-ends and summer, have a lawyer desk job in Santiago the rest of the time).

    1. Hola Felipe! We are so happy to hear you are following along! We safely transited the canal yesterday and are so excited to explore and experience your beautiful country.

      We will gladly take all the tips that you have time to share. We will send you an email in the coming days.

      The Zephyros Crew - Jon & Megan