Day 7, Passage to Easter Island

1245Z 03SEP19, Day 7, Ecuador to Easter Island. We continue to make direct progress and decent speed under favorable conditions. We've completed a week at sea!

Current Position: 10 15S 092 34W
24 hour progress: 129nm, 5.4kts avg SOG. Overall progress for the passage is 902nm with approximately 1395nm to go on the great circle route. Winds continue to vary but have mostly been 10-15kts. There are these small cells around and the wind does strange things in and around them. Sometimes dropping to 5 knots of wind for periods of time and then picking back up. We have been sailing through them and keeping one reef in the main because typically within an hour of the 5kts section we see 20kts and then it settles back between 10-15. We are able to hold a good course most of the time and are sailing between a close reach and a beam reach.

The crew continues to be holding up alright. Ronan was feeling better by yesterday afternoon and is back to eating well. Megan was still achey and off, and spent most of the day sleeping. She started feeling better by her night watch. Hopefully we are back to normal today and don't pass it to Jon and Daxton! And perhaps we can cook those birthday treats that Megan had hoped to bake for Daxton today. It just wasn't happening with how sick Megan felt, but today is a new day and blueberry muffins are in the oven!

We have not seen much wildlife, but what we have seen has been great. Yesterday a Red-footed Booby joined us in the late afternoon and has been hanging out on our anchor. It is only the one and the mess should be mostly contained to the anchor. Daxton loves them so it was a fun addition for the day. Also two nights ago Jon got an amazing show from a pod of dolphins playing around the boat in the bioluminescence. They look amazing darting around as the green lights of the sea, a little like soaring ghosts.

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