Day 17, Easter Island Arrival!

0100Z 13SEP19,🗿 Easter Island 🗿 Passage, COMPLETE! Anchored off of Hanga Roa.

The last half a day was a great day sailing. We stopped going through the cells that we experienced everyday from leaving Ecuador. The winds were consistently 15-20 knots, the was calm, and we made consistent speed all day in beautiful sunny weather. We were able to sail all the way to the anchorage and dropped the anchor 10 minutes before sunset. The anchorage is a bit rolly but that was expected - after all we are at a small island without protected bays 2000nm from land!

2306 nautical miles
16 days, 12.25 hours
5.8 knots average speed over ground
7.3 hours of engine time
25 liters of fuel consumed (approximately)
240 liters of water consumed (we really want a water maker so that severe rations are not necessary!)
1 celebration (Daxton's birthday)
1 day with humpback whale sightings
1 set of dolphin sightings
1 group of albatrosses spotted
5 days of company from a red-footed booby hitchhiker
3 Mahi-mahi, caught, landed and eaten

This was our most direct passage with less than an extra 100nm added. We sailed nearly the entire way and never needed to turn on the engine to recharge our batteries. Overall it was a good passage where we saw the boys take on more responsibility and participation in the passage.

6 officials were on board this morning to check us in. It was an easy process and we are now cleared in. Everyone is anxious to get ashore - but we have to blow up the dinghy before that can happen!

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