Day 4, Passage to Panama

1915Z 05APR19, Day 4, USVI to Panama Passage. It has been a fairly uneventful 24 hours. We have taken a reef out of the main. We put it back in, in the middle of the night when it got a bit gusty, just to be safe. And then shook it out with daylight to up our average speed over ground.

Current Position: 13 15N 073 08W
24 hour progress: 149nm, 6.2kts avg SOG, 579nm completed, approximately 465nm to go, past halfway! Current weather is warm and sunny with less scattered clouds today. We continue to sail a broad reach with around 20kts +/-5kts true wind. We have continued to make a course of 250-260T, giving us a decent amount of space from the Colombian coast without us needing to gybe. The swell has been pushing us along with some surfing down some of the larger waves. We expect the winds and perhaps the seas will pick up a little and are ready to reef accordingly. However, so far, the conditions have been more in our favor than forecasted, especially wind direction, so we are content and moving well.

The crew continues to do well. We are making better power today as it has been very sunny, a bit more windy and there is very little weed today. Still no luck fishing. Everyone is excited to be past the halfway mark!

Cribbage Tally: Jon-5, Megan-1

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