Day 2, Passage to Panama

1915Z 03APR19, Day 2, USVI to Panama Passage. The last 24 hours have been uneventful and have reminded us of the Atlantic crossing. Similar winds, similar seas and not much traffic. There has been some traffic though which is more than we saw on the Atlantic and traffic will certainly build as we approach Panama.

Current Position: 15 18N 068 40W
24 hour progress: 149nm, 6.2kts avg SOG, approximately 760nm to go, current weather is warm and sunny with scattered clouds. We've been steadily moving at a comfortable speed on a broad reach with around 20kts +/-5kts true wind and full main and jib sails up, making a course of 230T. The seas have built a bit with the increased wind but are following and comfortable enough. We would like to sail just a bit deeper to make more westing and be sure to avoid the Colombian coast and a low that continues to sit over the area reportedly making the winds and seas a bit uncomfortable. At times the winds shift enough to give us a bit more westing which we happily take advantage of and we will certainly adjust our course as needed as we get closer.

The crew continues to do well and we're settling into our routines. The boys have spent a good deal of time on devices but some school work is also being accomplished. Though Daxton is currently protesting any and all school. Things remain slow and steady. And quite warm.

Cribbage Tally: Jon-2, Megan-0

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