Day 19, Atlantic Crossing

1230Z 05JAN19, Day 19, Atlantic Crossing. We've continued to sail with the main and the jib. The main has been reefed and unreefed throughout the day from 1-3 reefs depending on the wind speed and direction. During the day the winds were around 20kts, by night time they were back to around 25kts and are holding around there so far today. We continue to make pretty good speed. We are sailing a broad reach and doing our best to point at the southern end of Martinique. We will gybe to get some more southern progress today. The seas have been larger, but comfortable enough. They do come from two directions and get a bit rolly at times.

Current Position: 16 23.3N 055 28.1W
24 hour progress: 148nm, 6.1kts avg SOG, 2654nm total progress, approximately 340nm to go.

It was a pretty uneventful day. The boys were tired and therefore a bit cranky. School work continues and decent progress is being made. Trying to be cautiously optimistic that landfall will be on Monday! Need to squeak out a bit more of a direct course and/or a bit more speed to ensure a daylight arrival though. Everyone is looking forward to the accomplishment of finishing the crossing and stretching our legs on land again. Still hoping to see a whale...

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